Autobiography Peer Editing

Answer the following questions. Handwritten or typed is acceptable.

Put yourself in the place of READER--not friend, not peer writer, but reader. That means that you're evaluating a writer as if you bought this book, and wanted to read it for entertainment.

  1. Read the autobiography.
  2. Examine the setting. What parts of it are visible to you as a reader? What parts need more explanation in the story from the writer?
  3. Which character is the most believable? Why?
  4. Which character seems to be intangible, or is unclear? Why? What would help the character become real to the reader?
  5. What is the major conflict in the story? Is it realistic, considering the setting?
  6. Draw the plot line of the story so far. Predict what you think will happen next—add it to the plot line.
  7. What is the overall theme of the story? Why? What happens in the story to support your assumption?
  8. Go through the story and correct all grammar errors, with the exception of character dialogue that is purposefully erroneous. (Check verb tenses, especially. Remember, this should be mostly in the past tense.)

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