Poetry Portfolios

Check out all your fellow poets' portfolios online. Then, respond to this post with a top 3 ranking! Be sure to give reasons for your choices.

Quarter 3 Exam Review

Exam format:
·Multiple Choice
·Short Answer
·Reading Poetry

Poems we've studied:
·Two-headed Calf
·The Death of the Ball Turret Gunner
·The Fish
·What is a Poet?
·What is Poetry?
·Untitled (Lucille Clifton)
·The Want of You
·I Want Poems
·The Grabs
·A Sunset...
·The Good Man
·The Crazy Woman
·My Dreams...Hell
·The Whipping
·Mother To Son

Skills and Devices
·line breaks


Creative Writing Portfolios—Project #1

This project is designed to showcase our poetry using the internet.

You will
· Create an original web page that illustrates who you are as a writer
· Include 3 links, each of which will lead to poems you’ve written in Creative Writing
· Create pages that has a background and colors that exemplify the poem’s tone
· Build a site that is user friendly

Scoring Guide:
· The author is given.
· The author's organization or institution is given.
· The author can be contacted.
· There aren’t any spelling or grammar mistakes.
· The date that the webpage was last updated is given.
· The information is complete and school appropriate
· The poem follows the rubric given in creative writing class
Design & Technology
· The pictures are relevant and clear.
· The pages are easy to move around.
· The colors are appealing.
· All of the the links work.

Materials and Tools:

To create your website, you can use any of the following programs
· MS Word (easiest)
· MS Publisher (medium)
· Macromedia Dreamweaver (hardest)
· Do you know of another software product that we can use? (No online programs)

All of these programs can be used to create a webpage. Part of the assignment is to learn how to use the software to create a webpage. I am also available to help you!

· Images that are copyrighted may not be used (check website for information).
· You are encouraged to create all of your own images by uploading photos.
· Clip art is free, and acceptable.

Your webpage and all of the files that go with it must be saved to my Y:// by Monday, 3/2 at 4:30.