Poetry Portfolios

Check out all your fellow poets' portfolios online. Then, respond to this post with a top 3 ranking! Be sure to give reasons for your choices.


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  2. I chose Edward Jackson because his backgrounds were great and poems were good.

    Urix Hill had a nice poem about his mom and had some nice backgrounds.

    Adija Brown did a good job on publisher. I like her organization.

  3. I like Kiley's because of the pictures.
    I like Shantice and Adija's because of their poems.

  4. I Like:
    Raycha's because its a creative and eye catching.

    Craig's because its portrays neatness and a overall nice page.

    Saferia's because its well organized and creative.

  5. I Chose Adija's because she has a nice setup to her webpage

    I chose Kiley's because i liked her poems and the pictures that she used with her poems.

    I chose Edward's because he also had good backgrounds to his poems and his webpage was very creative.

  6. The top three I liked best was Adija Brown because it was very creative and she put her own style into it.

    Saferia because it looked like a real webpage site and she had contacts which made it look real official.

    Last is Marc because I like the pictures he used and it was real creative and he had nice poetry.

  7. Kareem's top 3
    -Edward's was creative and interesting.

    -Saferia's because it was organized.

    -Raycha's was creative.

  8. Adija Brown's web page is by far THE MOST CREATIVE in my opinion. So she takes 1st place.
    Adija's page is different and very unique.

    Edward Jackson's portfolio is second best. I loved the color schemes and different backgrounds he used.

    Saferia's is third best because I loved her poems

  9. The first person that i like is Urix his background and how it in a way matches his poems
    The second person that i like is Saferia her poems are good.
    The last person is Raycha her background catches your attention and it makes you want to read her poems